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Green Management Award – Corporate (SME)

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

The Green Management Award – Corporate (SME) is an award that recognizes small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) for their efforts in promoting green management practices.

The Hong Kong Green Awards was first organised and staged by the Green Council in 2010 with the goal of formally identifying and recognising companies with exceptional performance on green management and/or sustainable procurement

This award was created to recognize the important role SMEs play in protecting the environment, as well as encouraging other businesses to do the same. The goal of this award is to inspire more companies and organizations around the world to adopt greener business practices.

In supporting the sustainability professional development of business sector, Homison Solutions Limited has joined the organisation award and was honoured to attain the certificate from the Chief Executive Officer of Green Council in 6th December 2022

To be eligible for this prestigious honour, a company must demonstrate its commitment towards environmental protection by implementing various initiatives such as energy efficiency measures, waste reduction strategies or sustainable supply chain management systems. The organization should also have clearly defined goals related to environmental conservation which are supported by tangible results from their activities over a period of time. Additionally, they must also show evidence that they have taken steps towards reducing their carbon footprint and increasing resource efficiency within all aspects of operations including production processes, packaging materials used etc.

Winning this coveted prize can provide great recognition and credibility for any SME looking forward into expanding its market reach while at same time contributing positively towards sustainability development goals set out by global communities like United Nations Global Compact or World Business Council on Sustainable Development amongst others. It will help them showcase how dedicated they are about preserving our planet’s resources while still achieving success with profitable ventures which ultimately benefits everyone involved - customers, employees, shareholders & society at large.

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